Hello! I’m Chris Masters.

Welcome to my class, Absolutely Shocking Ethics Violations, Case Studies #1. 

A little bit about me: I’ve been a massage therapist for over 20 years, I was the educational director for the Savannah School of Massage Therapy for 15 years, and I truly believe that we all change the world one massage at a time.

I’ve also taken my share of continuing education classes. Like you, I have to take several hours of continuing education to renew my license every two years. 

Most ethics classes are dry and boring and the teacher drones on for hours about ethics. 

Not this class! I designed this ethics course to be totally different. 

I created video reenactments from actual medical board meetings with actors playing the roles of board members and massage therapists. 

Also included in this class are the 18 Code of Ethics from the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork for your reference.

To pass the class, just watch each video in order, and take the short quiz at the end. 

As required by the NCBTMB, you must make a 70 or better on the quiz to pass the class. If you didn’t pass the quiz the first time around, don’t worry. You can take the quiz as many times as needed.

Once you pass the quiz, complete the survey and you will receive a certificate of completion to help you renew your massage therapy license.

Are you ready to begin? Well, let’s go!

(Click on the "Complete and Continue ->" or the "->" at the top of the screen after each module)